Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fibreglass environmentally friendly?

Yes. Because fiberglass is so durable and long lasting, it does not have to be repeatedly replaced, re-painted or finished like other products. For an average sized 10×10 fibreglass deck, we use 3 gallons of resin (which is a plastic). Our deck lasts 30+ years. A typical wood deck of the same size requires 1 gallon of paint per year, plus any chemicals necessary to strip the old paint, plus the 3-5 gallons of gasoline to drive around getting the materials. Do that yearly for 30 years and over 150+ gallons of non-renewable resources will be used. Not to mention the lumber needed to replace that deck every 8-10 years, more often in humid climates like the Pacific Coast. That is a lot of trees!

What exactly is Fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a woven cloth consisting of very fine threads of glass. When saturated with a resin, the cloth hardens and solidifies. Fiberglass has many applications. Airplanes and boats are made of fibreglass, but almost anything such as stairs, steps, decks and landings can also be made from Fibreglass. When coated with the resin (a plastic polymer) the fibreglass heats up and solidifies, giving it very durable characteristics such as hardness, scratch and stain resistance, as well as color durability and imperviousness to moisture.

Can I put a Fibreglass deck on top of my old deck?

Yes. Because Parkland’s decks are impervious to the elements, your new fibreglass deck can be laid over top of the existing deck, in effect shielding it from the elements as well.

What if my old deck is rotting?

Our team from Parkland Fibreglass will come to your home or place of business and assess how decayed the original deck has become. Sometimes we can remove the horizontal decking itself and still use the original framework and joists to install your new deck. If necessary, your deck may be need to be replaced, but be assured that our team will replace only what is necessary at a fair value and that your new fibreglass deck will be handcrafted to last a lifetime!

What if I want railings installed?

No problem. Railings are screwed into your new Fibreglass deck just like your old deck. The difference is that all screw holes will be covered with protective coating to keep moisture out.  We can install new railings or re-use your existing ones – contact us for pricing.

My old deck covering is lifting and coming apart at the corners. Will my new Fibreglass deck look like that?

No. Because all of Parkland decks are handcrafted according to your specific needs and dimensions right in our plant, your new deck is shipped in one completely hardened and sealed piece. When we install your deck, it is made to fit precisely against your home and will never, ever lift as none of the elements can permeate the surface.

Exactly how is my new Fibreglass deck made?

Parkland Fibreglass makes each deck according to the dimensions and color choices of each customer. After visiting you, we return to our plant. Your deck and/or stairs are first made from wood. Once our carpenter has constructed the structure, your deck goes to our Fibreglass shop. There, approximately 5 coats of fibreglass, resin, vinyl chips and quartz sand are applied to encase the structure. After letting the deck dry, we ship it to you for installation. Voila! maintenance free living outdoors!

Is Fibreglass expensive?

Yes and no. A Parkland Fibreglass deck is an upper end product with all of the features you would expect and demand. A typical 10 x10 deck is about $10-$15 per square foot installed, which is comparable to other high end products on the market. The real value lies in the fact that you should never have to replace your Fiberglass deck in the lifetime of your home. You will most likely pay off the mortgage, replace your roof and siding and re-do the interior before you need to think about your deck!

What else can I use Fibreglass for?

At Parkland Fibreglass we are constantly looking into new applications for our product. Our R&D team is always experimenting with new and more durable uses for Fibreglass. Our latest project involves rolling the fibreglass, much like arborite, into units so that we can install them on almost any hard surface (such as a garage floor). We are also looking into outdoor kitchen applications.

How durable is Fibreglass?

Your new Parkland Fiberglass deck will withstand moisture, UV rays, and temperature. Normal activities like dragging chairs and barbeques across it will not tear it. You may shovel it, pressure wash it and put salt on it to melt snow. None of these things will cause it to decay. Parkland decks and stairs have silica sand to help prevent slippage in wet and icy conditions. Dropping utensils and other items should not leave a mark. If you should drive into your deck and break it (this would take an awful lot of force) we can come and replace that part of the deck, blending it into the previous portion nicely, as Parkland decks do not fade over time. Your Parkland deck will never need to be painted, and solutions such wine and bleach will not stain, even after being left to dry.

If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!