Fibreglass stair covers

No need to replace those old stairs!

SmarTread is the innovative, economical answer for slippery or worn out steps and stairs.

SmarTread is a multi-layer fibreglass cover that fits directly over any existing steps or stairs, whether they are wood, stone, concrete, tile or steel. Durable and long-lasting, they are resistant to wear, breakage and fading. They provide an economical alternative to replacing worn or slippery stairs. They provide a dependable anti-slip surface that compliments your home.

SmarTread comes in a range of standard combinations of base and fleck colors.

Our basic color schemes are shown below. They are available in lengths up to 10′ with a standard stair width of 11-3/4″ and a front lip up to 3″. Custom sizes are available to suit your particular needs. Sheet sizes are available in order to cover stair landing surfaces. All treads feature our special slip-resistant surface, ensuring your peace of mind.

SmarTread fits easily over existing steps or stairs, whether they are wood, concrete, steel or tile.

Installation can be done by our own experienced crew or you have the option to use your own contractor or do-it-yourself. SmarTread is priced by the linear foot, based on the depth of the tread and the height of the lip. We are happy to provide complimentary site visits in the metro Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton areas.

Choose a color scheme that matches your home:

Start with the base color, then pick your chip combination. You can customize your color scheme, chip size or the amount of added grit. Extra charges may apply. Please note that the colors may vary somewhat from the images shown. Please contact us if you wish us to send you a sample of your preferred color scheme.