Fits on top of existing steps

SureCovers are handcrafted fibreglass steps that are made using Parkland’s exclusive manufacturing process. They are designed to completely fit over existing steps, whether they are made of wood, concrete or any other material. SureCovers are durable and will not fade in extreme weather conditions.

This product is a great alternative for homeowners, using existing stairs for structural strength.  There is no need to remove the old steps, thereby saving on demolition and removal expenses. This also has the eco-friendly benefit of saving landfills from receiving the old step material.


Made To Order

SureCovers are handmade at the Parkland plant to the exact specifications that you require. Since SureCover fits over existing stairs, a proper fit is essential. Based upon individual site requirements, your Parkland representative may recommend that a template be built to ensure that your new stairs fit snugly. Templating is done at additional cost.


SureCovers are fastened directly to the existing stairs, with the installation method determined by the material underneath. They are shipped from our plant in complete units and can be quickly installed by our experienced crews. Contractors or homeowners with renovation experience could also easily fit these in place. The top and sides of the Sure Covers are caulked to the building in order to ensure there is no ingress of water along the connecting edges.


SureCovers are always handmade to order. Precise measurements are required for every dimension in order to ensure a perfect fit. There are many variables to take into account, so pricing that is indicated here is by no means a firm quotation and does not take taxes, delivery or installation into account.

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We are happy to provide a free quotation for SureCover and will do complimentary site visits in the metro Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver areas.


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Choose a color scheme that matches your home:

Start with the base color, then pick your chip combination. You can customize your color scheme, chip size or the amount of added grit. Extra charges may apply. Please note that the colors may vary somewhat from the images shown. Please contact us if you wish us to send you a sample of your preferred color scheme.