Fibreglass non-slip decks

Made to order non-slip decks, ideal for apartments and homes.

SureDeck is a low-maintenance slip-resistant surface that will enhance the look of any property and give you peace of mind for years to come.

SureDeck is a multi-layer fibreglass composite that is attached directly onto new or existing deck structures. It can be installed on top of existing vinyl decking. Durable and long-lasting, SureDeck is resistant to wear, breakage and fading, unlike a thin vinyl membrane that is susceptible to damage. It is able to be installed over living areas, giving a 100% water-tight surface. Larger decks are built in modular components and installed with expansion joints.

Builders and Managers

SureDeck is the perfect choice for new or existing developments. This product has a design life in excess of 30 years and has been reviewed favorably by structural engineers across Western Canada. Parkland has extensive experience supplying SureDeck to new projects and also for upgrading existing buildings where time and the elements have taken a toll on existing vinyl products and coatings.

Custom Fabrication

Every SureDeck is custom-made by hand in order to exactly meet the required dimensions for your deck. Fabrication is done at the Parkland factory and they are shipped in sections up to 14’ x 8′ to your home. Special features like cants, drip edges and drainage holes can be incorporated into the deck design. You can pick the color scheme that will best enhance the look of your property – see the guide below.


Every SureDeck must be custom manufactured in order to exactly fit your home requirements. Our experienced staff will visit the installation site and take all of the required measurements. Installation can be done by our own experienced crew or you have have the option to use your own contractor, even DIY.

More Info

We are happy to provide a free quotation for SureDeck and will do complimentary site visits in the metro Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver areas. Due to the precise nature and individual requirements of every deck, pricing can only be given after a thorough site check is carried out.


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Choose a color scheme that matches your home:

Start with the base color, then pick your chip combination. You can customize your color scheme, chip size or the amount of added grit. Extra charges may apply. Please note that the colors may vary somewhat from the images shown. Please contact us if you wish us to send you a sample of your preferred color scheme.