Free-standing fibreglass steps

The smart solution for slip-resistant fibreglass steps and stairs.

SureStep is a custom step and stair product that features a durable non-slip surface and is available in a wide range of color combinations.

SureSteps are custom fabricated stand-alone steps that are encased in fibreglass using Parkland’s exclusive manufacturing process. SureStep can withstand heavy foot traffic and resists damage from ice removal chemicals while maintaining a dependable slip-resistant surface. They are a favourite of builders, property managers, strata councils, condo associations, and homeowners alike.

There are two versions of this product – both have the same external appearance and slip resistance, but have significant structural differences. SureStep is a free-standing unit that is intended as new stairs or to replace old stairs that have been removed. Their internal reinforcement is designed to meet commercial load ratings, which are in excess of residential requirements. SureCover is designed to fit over existing steps, click here for more info.


Made To Order

SureSteps are handmade at the Parkland plant to the exact specifications that you require. They come in a range of standard combinations of base and fleck colors. Please look through our gallery on this page to see our most popular color schemes. If required, engineered drawings for SureSteps are available at extra cost.


SureSteps are installed free-standing, and there is a range of methods for attaching them to the existing structures, as well as to the base. Engineered drawings are available at additional cost. SureSteps are shipped from our plant in complete units and can be quickly installed by our experienced crews. Contractors or homeowners with renovation experience could also easily fit these in place. The top and sides of the SureSteps are caulked to the building to ensure there is no ingress of water along the connecting edges.


SureStep is a custom crafted product. Precise measurements are required for every dimension in order to ensure a perfect fit. There are many variables to take into account, so pricing will vary according to the specifications required.

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We are happy to provide a free quotation for SureStep and will do complimentary site visits in the metro Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver areas.


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Choose a color scheme that matches your home:

Start with the base color, then pick your chip combination. You can customize your color scheme, chip size or the amount of added grit. Extra charges may apply. Please note that the colors may vary somewhat from the images shown. Please contact us if you wish us to send you a sample of your preferred color scheme.